Virgo Zodiac Sign- All You Need to Know

Virgo Zodiac Sign  virgo Symbol  [August 23 to September 23]

The sixth astrological sign in the zodiac is named VIRGO.  Being an introvert sign originates from the constellation of Virgo.  The credit for being the only female sign in the whole zodiac goes to VIRGO.

According to ancient Greek mythology, Virgo Astraea, the goddess of justice used to live on earth with humans but due to increasing lawlessness in the later Bronze Age, Zeus placed her among the stars.

The extraordinary characteristics possessed by the Virgo person are his practical outlook on life, self-control, and stability of thoughts.

Zodiac Sign Virgin Lady
Zodiac Element                                      Earth sign
Zodiac Quality                                        Mutable
Domicile                                                  Mercury 
Lucky Day                                               Wednesday 
Lucky Numbers                                      3, 5, 14, 23, 32, 41 and 50
Lucky Color                                            Green, Dark Brown, Orange, White
Lucky Stone                                           Topaz, Sardonyx
Famous Personalities                             Arthur Godfrey Goethe, Sophia Loren, Queen Elizabeth I, Michael Jackson, Mother Teresa
Virgo Zodiac Sign


virgo positive traits

Positive Traits And Characteristics Of A Virgo:

Virgos are often known for their practical and down-to-earth nature. They are logical thinkers and are always looking for ways to improve things. Virgos are also very detail-oriented and are always striving for perfection.

They are hard-working and dedicated, and will usually see any task through to the end. Virgos are also usually very loyal and reliable friends.

  • Observant
  • Critically Inclined
  • Judicious
  • Patient
  • Practical
  • Analytical
  • Methodical
  • Helpful
  • Reliable
  • Precise
  • Soft Spoken
  • Sharp Intellect
  • Sophisticated
  • Refined
  • Witty
  • Organized

Negative Traits And Characteristics Of A Virgo:

A Virgo is often known for being critical, perfectionist, and analytical. They can also be quite shy and reserved and may come across as cold or aloof.

Virgos often have a hard time relaxing, and can be quite high-strung. They can also be quite critical of others and may have a hard time seeing the good in people.

  • Skeptical
  • Critical
  • Quarrelsome
  • Fastidious
  • Narrow outlook
  • Fussy
  • Cold
Likes and Dislikes of Virgo zodiac sign

Likes Of A Virgo:

Virgos are often thought of as being reserved and shy, but the truth is that they just like to take their time getting to know someone before they let their guard down. Once you’ve earned their trust, they can be some of the most loyal and loving friends you’ll ever have.

They’re also incredibly hard workers, and they’re always willing to lend a helping hand. If you’re looking for someone who’s dependable and always has your back, look no further than a Virgo.

  • Health foods
  • Lists
  • Hygiene
  • Order
  • Wholesomeness

Dislikes Of A Virgo:

There are certain things that a Virgo simply cannot stand. They are neat freaks and cannot stand messes or disorder. Virgos like things to be done a certain way and can be quite particular about it.

They can also be quite critical and judgmental, especially of themselves. They are always striving for perfection and can be their own worst critic.

Virgos can also be quite shy and reserved, and may not be the life of the party. But once you get to know a Virgo, they can be loyal and supportive friends.

  • Being uncertain
  • Squalor
  • Hazards to health
  • Anything sordid
  • Sloppy workers

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Virgo Celebrities- 5 Virgo Celebrities You Should Follow On Instagram.

Some of the famous Virgo celebrities with whom you share your zodiac sign (August 23 – September 22) are:

1. Sophia Loren     

  • Profession – Actress
  • Date of Birth- 20th September 1934
  • Place of Birth- Rome, Italy
  • Gender- Female

Virgo qualities –   Calm, Cool-Headed, has Rational Thinking, High Judgmental Ability, Spiritual, Strong Minded, and Reliable.

2. Agatha Christie

  • Profession- Writer/Author
  • Date Of Birth- 15th September 1890
  • Place Of Birth- Torquay, Devon, England
  • Gender- FemaleVirgo qualities –  Vivid Imagination, Good Communication Level, Seeks Solitude, Good Writer, Early Education, Strong Minded.  

3. Mother Teresa

  • Profession – Social worker and Nun
  • Date of Birth- 26th August 1910
  • Place of Birth- Skopje, Macedonia
  • Gender- Female

Virgo qualities –  Strong Will Power, Hard Working, Spiritual, Helping, Practical, Neat, Responsible, Very Orderly, an example of Sanity, Reliable.

4. Ronaldo

  • Profession – Footballer
  • Date of Birth- 18th September 1976
  • Place of Birth- Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Gender- Male

Virgo qualities –  Idealistic, Quick Learner, Practical Approach, Hard Working, Responsible.

5. Michael Jackson

  • Profession – Singer, dancer, musician, songwriter
  • Date of Birth- 29th August 1958
  • Place of Birth- Gary, Indiana, U.S.
  • Gender- Male

Virgo qualities – Picky, Analytical, Perfectionist, Hard Working, Insecure, Helpful.

6. Queen Elizabeth II

  • Profession – Queen regnant of England and Ireland
  • Date of Birth- 07th September 1533
  • Place of Birth- Greenwich, England.
  • Gender- Female

Virgo qualities –  Strong Will Power, Intelligent, Hard Working, Spiritual, Quick Learner, Helping, Practical, Responsible, Very Orderly.

7. Henry Ford II

  • Profession – Top car businessman
  • Date of Birth- 04th September 1917
  • Place of Birth- Detroit, Michigan
  • Gender- Male

Virgo qualities –  Analytical, Perfectionist, Intelligent, Rational Thinker, Hard Working, Practical, Orderly, Responsible.

8. Kareena Kapoor    

  • Profession – Indian Actress
  • Date of Birth- 21rst September 1980
  • Place of Birth- Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Gender- Female

Virgo qualities –   Hard Working, Strong Determination, Critical Nature, Fussy, Analytical, Lonely.

Virgo Tattoos- Stunning Virgo Tattoos That Will Make You Want One.

good method of showcasing your sun sign is to get a tattoo. You can get a number of fantastic designs of your zodiac signs.

The popularity of Virgo tattoos is increasing day by day. The word Virgo has been derived from the Latin word “virgin”. The most popular Virgo tattoo not surprisingly is the picture of a pretty young maiden

No wonder the maiden symbol associated with the Virgo also depicts harvest and fertility. Numerous symbols are available, which are related to a Virgo tattoo.

Another common design popular among youths is the stylish curve sketch of “M”.

Since the Virgo symbol is associated with plants and flowers many Virgo designs and tattoos have these integrated into them. Many designs include mercury sign elements.

The colors blue, brown, and green are associated mainly with the Virgo sign, you can include them also in your Virgo tattoos. Your tattoo would become more live and symbolic with these colors.
So here are some designs that would help you to understand all the options from which you can pick a design that represents your sun sign:

virgo tattoos
virgo tattoos

Characteristics of Virgo Babies and Kids:

  • Quick
  • Alert
  • Fussy Eaters
  • Peaceful
  • Curious
  • Adaptable
  • Honest
  • Perfectionist
  • Sensitive
  • Practical
  • Responsible
  • Frank
  • Lonely

A child different from other sun sign babies, being the most responsible in all…

1. Quick Learner

Virgo babies and kids are quick, alert, and likely to walk early, and show their excellent mimicry from birth. They are keen observers who like monitoring nature and are an early reader.

Virgo Babies and Kids

2. Self Discipline

Their self-discipline makes them good children and the parents may have to worry a little thereby making their (parents) life easier.  Even so, they may not like it if you disturb the way in which they have kept their belongings in their cabinet as they are too organized.

3. Hygienic

They have cleanliness and hygiene inherent in them. So you don’t have to ask them from time to time to clean their room. The Virgo kid is a fast learner and within a short span of time, he would learn many things.

4. Shy

However, they are shy and won’t cooperate when taken to a social gathering. Therefore, they should be motivated to mingle with people and make friends. Nonetheless, they may be quite interactive with their family members and could be very active in imitating them too.

5. Responsible

The child may take up responsibilities early and his logical and practical approach makes him do that work in a perfect way. Emotionally, these Virgo babies and kids are very shy and timid and long for security. The best way to show them your love is by giving them your attention.

6. Attention-Grabbing

However, if they do not get your attention and love, they may complain of being unwell to acquire the attention they require. You need to hug them to comfort them and build their confidence. They require regular reassurance that you are always there for them.

Virgo Kid aloof

7. Perfectionist

The perfectionist kids often try to correct others. They won’t like it when their friends do not match up to their expectation level while playing or arranging their toys. Therefore, they might not play with other kids. They won’t feel shy in correcting your mistakes even before others.

However, scolding them in front of others might shatter their learning aspiration. They may, however, question you a lot if they find something illogical or irrational they find in a book. Therefore, they need to learn about people around them to answer their doubts.

Teasing or scolding them can make them more shy, cranky, and irritated. This would further make them aloof.

8. Intelligent

One more thing to remember about the Virgo kid is that he has a sharp memory, and he never forgets.

Virgo Babies and Kids Kid

9. Helpful

Virgo child is a helpful person who would love to help anybody in distress. These kids become teachers’ favorite as they love to complete their homework on time and that too in a perfect way. Even if a small amount of household chores is given to them, they would take the responsibility in a very well way.

10. Choosy For Food

Nevertheless, the Virgo babies and kids can create a lot of fuss over food. They are very choosy about their food and would only eat the food which they like. On being forced to eat something that they don’t like will end up the food on the table, the floor, and everywhere apart from their stomach. Well except for the food tantrums they throw, the children are well behaved and polite.

Virgo Babies and Kids Baby2

Generally, the baby has a cool temperament but may get irritated if teased or made fun of. 

Their steady absorbing power makes them mature early, and you will find their wisdom and learning far beyond her/his years.

All in all, a Virgo kid is quite adjustableflexible, won’t throw tantrums, neat, clean, and very nice. He might expect perfection from you; on the other hand, he would always be there for you.

How to Handle Your Virgo Babies and Kids

  • Do not mock or criticize them before others.
  • Show them your love by hugging and kissing them often.
  • Narrate stories or fairytales to boost their creativity and imagination.

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