The Virgo Woman: 12 Traits That Define Her

Being born under the Virgo zodiac sign does not mean that the Virgo woman is a timid and shy “helpless woman”. In fact, she is a woman having a backbone made up of steel. She walks with pride, confidence, and unmatchable endurance.

She considers family, true love, and sincerity as the most important factors to live a peaceful life. For her love means true love no other definition of love exists for her.

She is a determined woman who can do anything once she decides it. Generally, most Virgo women are diligent and hardworking and love facing new challenges.

General Characteristics Of A Virgo Woman


Slim and slender figure, egg shape face cut with round and high forehead. The features are prominent with dark eyes and hair, a straight nose, and curved eyebrows.


A Virgo woman is usually health-conscious. However, she has a tendency to gain weight.

virgo woman characteristics


She is realistic, charming, honest, witty, organized, helpful, dedicated, and a perfectionist. She is a firm woman with strong willpower. Being punctual; she would never tolerate being late or waiting for someone.

Like Virgo Man, a Virgo woman is diligent and hardworking.


She might be nervous, restless, dogmatic, worried, irritable, and cranky.


She considers herself perfect and may criticize others frequently. She finds it very hard to admit that she was wrong. The mature and wise Virgo woman could be highly discerning about everything.

virgo woman traits


She looks forward to meeting the man of her dreams and expectations as she considers marriage is the most worthwhile incident of her life. The Virgo woman is always in a search of a man who is intellectual of the same level. Making her fall in love is a Herculean task; for her love means true love.


In a relationship, she would be loyal and devoted. However, if she finds that the relationship is not working, she confines herself in solitude.


She becomes a very caring and doting mother. A Virgo woman is very watchful of her children’s health. She expects them to lead a disciplined life.


She gets pleasure in the household chores such as gardening, cooking, etc.

virgo woman likes dislikes


The Virgo woman loves acquiring knowledge so is always in search of new topics. With her penchant for knowledge, she becomes a master of many skills, which enable her to meet the challenges of life successfully.

With her precise observing power, she loves the company of a person who does the same.
The Virgo woman has a pure mind. However; she remains ambiguous while handling difficult situations.


Her worried nature makes her live on her nerves. She usually gets apprehensive about insignificant issues. Her troubled nature makes the situation worse and she gets confused in the end.


Although she avoids arguments if she is really upset then could be demanding and fussy. Generally, a Virgo woman lives a very successful life as she manages to keep a balance between her personal as well as professional life.

She enjoys a high-quality financial condition. This is also due to her disliking of extravagance.


To sum up, we can say that the charismatic Virgo woman can become a good palvictorious, accountable, dependable professional, a romantic spouse, and an adoring mother.

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